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We are a part of a large strategic organization, which understands the financial dilemmas that present to business owners.  We are are more specialized than any tax firm out there, especially for mid-size and small-size businesses.  Our goal is to work with you to find the ongoing savings that others cannot find.  Our organization is unique and also the first in the field for many cost savings strategies.  In a nutshell, we focus on financial strategies to reduce operating expenses, save on taxes, and find tax credits.  We also have a strategy for you to create your own bank.

**Note:  All strategies are IRS compliant and, as such, even in the case of a few rare audits, the IRS has verified that our strategies are compliant and sound.



We offer many different strategies to enhance your profitability.  We have the ability to drastically reduce your debt as well through various means.

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About Us


The founder of this company is Elizabeth Henderson, MBA.  She graduated from Carlson School of Management (U of MN) in 1999 with an MBA in Finance, Accounting and Actuarial Science.  She has consulted across industries within a finance capacity throughout her career.  She has learned many strategies over time and they are her greatest strength, along with creativity.  

As such, the Company has aligned itself with other strategic companies.  To stay ahead of the competition and meet the market needs, the alliances are constantly developing new more effective means to meet timelines that exist for some of the strategies to work, which is very unique, but necessary to help you.  Together they are able to help business owners increase their profitability.  Most of the work is done on a contingency basis so if they can't find savings there is nothing owed.  

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